Greg Ward

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Arkansas native,singer songwriter Greg Ward was born in Little Rock Arkansas. After his father was killed by a drunk driver the family moved in with his grandparents. Greg’s grandfather was always singing and making up riddles and songs. He was a big influence in Greg’s life and wanted him to learn how to play guitar. Greg can remember trying to write his first song as early as Second Grade. Greg picked up a guitar and started learning to play. He taught myself to play from books or anyone that would teach him something. It wasn't long before he was playing in a gospel band, and would do benefits and raise money to help people. Greg then began playing in a country southern rock band, and was also writing all of the time. This led to Greg making frequent visits to Nashville playing open mics, or anywhere that he could play his songs. Greg is a prolific writer that still writes everyday.

Greg’s debut single is titled “Haggard & Jones” and due for release in April, 2016.

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